What is Microblading?

The new Semi-permanent process of manual inserting pigment in hairlike strokes to the upper layers of the skin to create the desired fullness, shape, and size of the eyebrows. The effects are waterproof, smudge-proof, completely realistic looking.


Who Should get Microblading? Men and women that have want to define their brows, improve their shape and fix asymmetry. It is great for those with active lifestyles, too busy or tired of drawing on brows every day. Great for filling over-plucked brows, hiding scares, and strengthening thin or thinning eyebrows. A game changer for alopecia, trichotillomania, and other diseases and disorders that have resulted in hair loss.

Is Microblading the same as 3D BROWS? Yes, Microblading is also known as microshading, 3d brows, eyebrow feathering, eyebrow embroidery and micro-stroking. Different names for the same procedure.

What types of pigments are used? We use the creamiest and most highly concentrated European pigments on the market containing only the highest quality raw ingredients, ensuring your strokes remain crisp and durable. With tones ranging from elegant dark ebonies to saturated caramels, each color is tailored to match your own haircolor. Each pigment batch is tested for impurities and heavy metals, approved by InkCert; fulfilling all toxicological demand of CoE ResAp..Pigments are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritating, non-photo-toxic and meet all of the highest health standards. Sterilized according to medical device directive, meaning additional peace of mind for our clients to know that we have chosen the best for their well-being AND beauty.

Does it hurt? We apply a topical anesthetic for 30 minute to the area before starting and most people experience very minimal discomfort. Please note: you will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.

Should I get Botox before or after the treatment? We suggest to do it at least 3 weeks prior to getting microbladed for the best possible results. We cannot microblade anyone who has had Botox done less than 3 weeks before appointment.

Can you Microblade over my old tattoo? – If you have an old tattoo it is best to email us a picture of your brows prior to booking an appointment. Heavily faded tattoos can be covered with microblading but many traditional eyebrow tattoos will require laser tattoo removal before proceeding.

Will my eyebrows fade to an unnatural color? No.  Eyebrow tattoos of the past were done with a machine which penetrates quite deep into the dermis and trapped color there. As the tattoos aged, certain pigment molecules faded resulting in grey, blue, green and red brows. Microblading implants pigment on the top layers of the epidermis, so as time passes and cells naturally turn over, pigment just fades to nothing.

What can I expect during healing process? Moderate redness or color may appear darker during the first few days, After 7 days, flaky skin is common and once the skin sheds, lines may look patchy, blurry or faded. They usually darken and sharpen when healed around day 30. Results vary with every client, expect a 10%-50% pigment loss during the healing process which will be corrected during the complimentary perfecting session 4-6 weeks after the first procedure.

How often will I need a touch up? You will come in for a complimentary touchup 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment. After that, most clients require a touchup once a year to keep their eyebrows in optimal shape.  Each individual’s color retention will vary due to factors such as age, skin type, amount of sun exposure and skincare routine.  If most of the hair strokes have faded, the entire procedure may need to be repeated. You can email a photo to determine what type of session is necessary. 


You should not have this treatment if:

  • You are pregnant or nursing
  • You are allergic to any of the ingredients
  • If you have conditions such as diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, hemophilia, are undergoing chemotherapy, on blood thinners or other medications we will require a doctor’s note. 

Full list of side effects, cautions and contraindications will be discussed at face to face consultation.

Before your appointment:

  • Wear your normal make-up to the spa on the day of your procedure
  • Wash and fix your hair to prepare to take extra care not to get your brows wet for several days.
  • Do not work out 3 hours before procedure, as body heat will expand your pores
  • Limit Caffeine intake and do not drink alcohol, take Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Omega-3, Vitamin E or Niacin within 24 hours of the procedure
  • Any brow shaping using wax should be performed at least 48 hours before the treatment


  • Use antibiotic ointment for the first 2 days then switch to provided A&D healing ointment (can be substituted for grape seed oil) once a day sparingly, ideally before you shower
  • Do not wet, expose to steam or direct sunlight for at least 7 days.
  • Wash your face carefully around the brow without getting treated area wet.
  • No makeup on brows for 2 weeks
  • No picking or scratching or rubbing – microbladed skin may feel sensitive and slightly itchy during recovery process. Tap with clean finger to release itch. Scratching can cause bald spots, scarring or infection.