Our Technology

Our State-of-the-Art dental office utilizes modern technology to provide safe and accurate treatments. We have a Panoramic machine to analyze the position of teeth, the location of the sinus and nerves, and bone levels. This low-dose radiation X-ray technology helps the orthodontist, periodontist and general dentist to make their treatment decisions. We also have a cephalic X-ray machine to capture the side of your face, which is utilized by the orthodontist and periodontist. All of our treatment rooms are equipped with low-dose digital X-ray machines to help us diagnose and to treat all phases of dentistry. Our hygienists also utilize cutting-edge ultrasonic tools in each treatment room to more efficiently remove tartar and plaque. Our dental products and materials have been independently proven to be the best in the dental field. Our progressive dental laboratories have been named the best in the country. We guarantee our work and our labs guarantee their creations as well, some of them for a lifetime!. What could be more reassuring than giving you a lifetime guarantee?

Please give us a call at 786-516-2882 when you are ready to experience the Dentalvana difference!