Your Comfort is Our Priority

At Dentalvana, we take the time to get to know you and explain all the available treatment options. We want you to feel confident about your treatment options and your smile! Your personal team of dentists and staff members always begins by making sure that you are comfortable, including offering sedation dentistry for those patients who find a deeper level of relaxation helpful. We are now able to complete many procedures, from root canals and crowns to deep cleanings, while patients are mildly sedated and relaxed. This will eliminate the anxiety and stress often associated with long or repeated treatments.

In our view, the only way to provide excellent care and wonderful patient experiences is with a soft touch. We take this very seriously, always going above and beyond to ensure that our patients are comfortable. If you feel nervous about receiving dental treatment, you are not alone.  Our goal is to provide comfortable and gentle care that will eliminate your anxiety, while still delivering dental services of the highest quality.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry has changed the perception of dentistry for many of our anxious patients. In most cases, we are able to give you a “Happy Pill” which will completely relax you during your visit.  At that point, we complete as much of your treatment as possible, after which you will regain alertness, feeling comfortable and refreshed.

We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help you feel at ease. This alternate dental sedation option provides comfort to you or your children.  In addition, laughing gas can make your dental visits easier and a more relaxing experience for anybody with mental or physical impairments.

Patient Amenities

At Dentalvana, we offer a number of patient amenities to make your dental experience more enjoyable, including flat-screen TVs, pillows, blankets, and complementary beverages. You may be surprised to see coffee, tea, and bottled water available in our lobby, as well as a courtesy Internet bar, but we believe that the difference is in the details! As always, your comfort is our top priority.

Please give us a call at 786-516-2882 when you are ready to experience the Dentalvana difference!