Zoom Whitening

Not only are teeth whitening, A Cosmetic Dentistry procedures some of the safest, most effective ways to brighten your smile, they are also some of the most economical. As we age, our teeth are exposed to foods and drinks that stain the teeth, and even though they may be perfectly healthy, they are certainly not as appealing as they could be, and rarely stay white for as long as we would like.

At Dentalvana, our dental care providers know how important white teeth can be to your confidence; tooth whitening is one of the fastest ways to reduce the appearance of age and the results can be quite dramatic for your smile. Our dentists have the tools in-office to brighten your teeth by three to eight shades in only one hour, while protecting your sensitive gum and tooth root areas. Our in-office whitening solutions are the perfect antidote to stains caused by tea, coffee, berries, candies, red wine, and other enamel-darkening drinks. We will also make you custom trays at no additional charge so that you can maintain your new bright smile forever.

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