Wisdom Teeth Removal

The eruption of your wisdom teeth is a potentially painful process and can be damaging to teeth if they are allowed to develop fully. Typically, the earlier our dentists have a chance to look at the wisdom teeth, and remove them while they are still in the early stages of coming in, the better. Early removal can prevent damage to neighboring healthy teeth, bone, gum tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. Also, because wisdom teeth can come in at random angles, an impacted wisdom tooth may push other straight teeth in different directions, creating a whole new set of problems by altering the alignment of normal, healthy teeth. Some people are lucky enough to never have problems with wisdom teeth, but in the worst cases, gum infections, jawbone cysts, and bone loss can all occur. Our dentists at Dentalvana can remove your wisdom teeth before they have the chance to create dental problems. Dentalvana offers a multitude of sedation options to provide a pleasant experience for your wisdom teeth removal.

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