White Dental Filling

Our office offers white resin composite fillings and we take pride in perfectly matching the filling to your natural teeth.We have many different shades available to ensure the most esthetically pleasing results.Dr..Bewley has attended many continuing education programs to constantly improve her skills with new techniques and technologies to make dental fillings invisible. She takes great pride in her artistic abilities to restore broken teeth or improve your smile.

If you have never had a cavity before, then consider yourself lucky! However, approximately 92% of adults aged 20 to 64 have experienced a cavity at some point, but 23% of those cavities go untreated. Cavities happen to almost everyone as a result of some degree of dental hygiene neglect. Because they are so common, they are also quite easily fixed by placing a filling.The experienced dental care providers at Dentalvana know how to comfortably remove decay from a tooth before it progresses to the point of requiring a root canal. After the patient is sedated, if necessary, and the area is properly numbed, the procedure is usually very simple.

Once the decay is removed, the tooth is sealed and filled. Brushing and flossing can then be performed as normal to prevent further decay, as cavities are among the most preventable maladies in the dental field.

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