overIf ill-fitting, uncomfortable dentures or a retainer with false teeth do not seem appealing to you, simply ask one of the Dentalvana experts what they can do to recreate your smile. A traditional removable denture rests directly on the gums and is only retained by the support of your jaws and gums. The retention of traditional dentures varies and some people can unfortunately never get used to functioning with dentures. There can be restrictions to your diet since they are not very stable. However, there is a great solution that our board-certified, specialty-trained dentists offer, which can eliminate the unwanted movement of the dentures. Two or more implants can be placed to so that the denture sits over the dental implants, which provide support and stability to the denture. The denture remains in place using special attachments that allow it to “snap” into position over the dental implants.

Dental implant-supported dentures should be removed daily to clean the denture and gum area, just like traditional dentures. Also, you should not sleep with dental implant-supported dentures in place at night.

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