orthooIf you close your mouth and your teeth just do not seem to fit together comfortably, it could indicate that you have an incorrect bite or poor teeth alignment.

Our board-certified, specialty-trained orthodontist at Dentalvana takes pride in providing  the best possible care to all of our patients to relieve the symptoms of an incorrect bite. He utilizes an advanced radiographic machine and conducts a thorough clinical exam for his assessment and will provide you with specific phases needed for the best possible outcome. If you have rotated and twisted teeth, a gummy smile, or teeth that are not visible when you smile, our orthodontist is able to provide you with a beautiful, bright and straight smile. The orthodontist at Dentalvana has extensive experience of realigning crooked, overlapping, and gapped teeth, and can prevent potentially serious problems before they have a chance to negatively impact your life.

If you have children, please schedule their appointment by the age of 6 to make sure that their teeth and jaw are developing properly. At this time, early in development, we are able to provide interceptive treatment to properly align your child´s teeth and jaw with simple painless devices. However, once skeletal development has been completed, surgery is the only option. If you notice your children with an open bite, severe crowding, narrow jaw, or any other abnormalities, please call our office for a complementary orthodontic evaluation.

There are even some tooth-straightening solutions offered by the dentists of Dentalvana that can significantly change your alignment/bite in as little as three months. Invisalign therapy offers major improvements in alignment issues in relatively short periods of time, and is not as noticeable as full metal braces.

Please give us a call at 786-516-2882 when you are ready to experience the Dentalvana difference!